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City Siege 2

About this game

Fans of shooting, army, platform, and action games must be really into this game – City Siege 2. When you play this City Siege 2, you will be both the commander and soldiers in the battlefield against baddies – a group of armed bad guys, who planned to kidnap people. As soon as you click the “Play” button, you start to choose soldiers and ready for battle.

There is a total of 12 units, with different health, fire rate, speed, and all of them required a suitable price to buy and use – the more expensive they are, the better equipped they get. After each battle, you have a high chance to collect stars – which can increase the level of each soldier, enable them to fire quicker, have more health, move faster and even regent their lost health in the previous battle. Your mission will complete if you clear all the baddies and save people.

You remember playing many games with the shot come straight, right? But this one is different, if you want to shoot the enemy, the bullet will go in a curvy line, as if there is gravity, so try to aim above them for a little. Remember that! Have fun!

City Siege 2 Unblocked

As long as you want, you can always find this game City Siege 2 Unblocked on our website and play it for free, without experiencing any ad or poor gaming conditions such as lag, low performance. Try it now!

We can't deny that City Siege 2 is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, Strike Force Heroes 3City Siege and City Siege 3 are also excellent names.

How to play

As expected of any platform shooting games, you can use “A” and “D” keys to move, the
“W” key to jump, move your mouse to aim, and left click to shoot.

City Siege 2 - How to play

Control of City Siege 2

Tips and Tricks

Different units have different ways of use in combat. Tanks can shoot quicker, and have higher health, but can’t be able to jump. Helicopters can’t kill enemies under houses or turrets without breaking them.

If you don’t want to mistakenly kill the civilian or V.I.P under a house – in which’s root is an enemy, try to save the target first. If you shoot the house or any structure, it will break and fall, then anyone beneath it will suffer from damage (civilians can only take 1 damage).

City Siege 2 Walkthrough