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City Siege

About the game:

Have you ever dreamt of contributing to your country?Have you ever wanted to become a commander and command your soldiers to rescue civilians from bad guys? Then City Siege is the game you have to try.Written by Say Game, City Siege is one of a kind platform action and shooting game.In City Siege, you will command soldiers to wisely and skillfully rescue an innocent hostage from bad guys without any harm. Be careful of those civilians and VIPs, if you accidentally killed them, the government wouldn’t be happy. You will need the money which is paid from the government to train your army so please be gentle to the innocent civilians.Collect stars to upgrade your soldiers and command them to save the city in the name of Justice.Can you be the best commander and save the city? Let’s try your best in City Siege!

How to play:

Use W/ A/ S/ D or Arrow keys to Control your soldiers to move around.

Use Mouse to aim and fire your weapons.

Also, your Mouse can be used to move your screen back and forward.

City Siege - How to play

Control of City Siege

City Siege Unblocked:

Wanna join the army and become an excellent commander?

Look for City Siege UnBlocked on and become the commander to save the city, save the hostages and save the day. There are more games like City Siege Unblocked waiting for you at so hurry up and play the games.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try not to use AOE damage to attack enemies that are near the hostages to keep them save.
  • Train enough soldiers to have a variety of choices when you are on your way to save the city.

Along with Strike Force Heroes 3, Gunbot and City Siege 2 are also the names that attract millions of gamers on Hudgames.

City Siege Walkthrough