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About game

CircloO is a platform video game developed by Florian van Strien. In this game, you control a circle and collect seven other circles to complete the level and continue to the next ones. The circle that you control will travel around a map, which is a circle too.

You must collect all seven circles that appear around the map. Each time you achieve one circle, the map will expand until you complete the level. There are 14 levels and six hard mode levels for you to try.

CircloO is powered by HTML5 technology which will run smoothly in any browser you use. Beautiful colors, incredible clean sound by Kevin MacLeod, and a full-screen mode will bring you a relaxing time. Sit down and collect the circles now.

CircloO Unblocked

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How to play

Use A, D keys or Left, Right arrow keys to control the movement of the circle.

circloO - How to play

Control of circloO

Tips and tricks

Keep pressing the control keys to move faster.

Build momentum up to jump over the obstacles.

On our list of recommended game, CircloO is one of the most prominent names. Going along with it are three other names including This Is The Only LevelThis is the Only Level 3 and circloO 2.

circloO Walkthrough