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Chaos Faction

About the Game:

If you are looking for a game where you could battle with your enemy in a one versus one match, then Chaos Faction Unblocked is just the right game for you. This game is a 2D platform video game that was developed using Flash technology so it could be compatible with any modern browsers.

Chaos Faction Unblocked will give you 03 main characters: Gorilli- a fluffy creature, Mechalo who looks like he was made by mechanical materials and Cowboy who looks like exactly a Western cowboy with hat and scarf. All characters are customizable, and there are 3 main parts per character that you could change including the head, hands, and legs. This game allows you to swap the part between characters, for example, you could choose Gorilli but using Mechalo hands and Cowboy legs and this where your character will be unique.

There are 15 levels in this game, 12 are Available by default and 3 will need to be Unlocked later. The gameplay is simple, and you will able to complete this game without needing help from any walkthrough or cheat sheet.On each level, you will face a different enemy with different tactics and weapons. Your mission is to defeat them at any cost. The weapon and Heath box will be fallen randomly from the sky, just try to grab it fast before your enemy does. You could either defeat your enemy by using combat, weapon or just simply push them off the cliff.

Chaos Faction Unblocked:

Chaos Faction Unblocked is one of the most addicting games and with, there is nothing could stop you from enjoying this game even if you’re at school or office. Visit the great gaming site now!

How to play:

  • Control your character movements with Arrow Keys.
  • Press Z or X key to attack the enemy.
  • Press the Down arrow key to activate the Shield protection.

Chaos Faction - Game

Control of Chaos Faction

Tips and tricks:

  • Flamethrower is only effective in close range; it could kill the enemy instantly.
  • Sometimes, you will see Meteors or Rocks falling from the sky instead of Weapons and Health box. They are dangerous things, try to activate the Shield to protect yourself from them.