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About the game:

Caveman is an old school survival game with amazing monster design and simple gameplay. Your lover, cavewomen, has been kidnapped by horrific monsters in the deep jungle. In order to save her out, you have to battle and defeat numerous scary creatures with only a primitive catapult and an endless amount of dirt. Shoot dirt at those ugly beasts until they are covered, and then you can push the dirtball as a cannon shot, which will eliminate any creatures it touches, excluding yourself.

Keep going up and battle enormous monsters at the top until you could meet your girlfriend and rescue her. Caveman brings you 3 different levels of difficulty, and with survival mode, you’ll meet two gigantic beasts right at the start of each round.

Each beast has its own special move, and you’ll have to be extremely careful. For each round, there's a specific amount of lives you hold. Run out of that and you’ll have to start over.

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How to play:

  • Use the left and right arrow key to move between platforms
  • Use up arrow key to jump or escalate between rounds
  • Use under arrow key to jump down or fall
  • Use the space bar to shoot dirt at the monster

Caveman - How to play

Control of Caveman

Tips and tricks:

  • Push the big dirtball to squash other monsters
  • Collect prizes for each monster defeated, it could be used as survival tools and bonuses

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