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Cave of Wonders

About game:

cave of wonders is a cool role-playing and action video game which is developed by BoMToons. In this game, you control a boy named BomToons. The world is threatened by haunted children in the cave of wonders. Your mission is to go into this cave, defeat all the haunted children and rescue the world.

Through the Tutorial, you will have quality lessons about attacking (with the golden sword in the cave) and jumping in the air (with the gold coin you collected). You can run, jump, double jump, and attack. The first boss you meet is LUIS. LUIS is a haunted child and he calls himself "the great LUIS". In the battle with LUIS, you must be careful because the Boss has many different forms. In each form, he will use different skills.

At the top of the game screen are your HP and the Boss's HP. Sometimes, you have to take advantage of the objects that the Boss creates to defeat him. After defeating LUIS, you must run as fast as you can because before fainting, LUIS has activated the explosion mode. But that's not all, there is still another Boss in front. He is stronger than LUIS and you will be in real danger when facing this Boss. Are you ready to step into the cave of wonders?

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How to play:

Use Arrow keys to Move, A to Attack, Up to Jump/double jump, P to Pause, Q to Toggle Quality.

Cave of Wonders - How to play

Control of Cave of Wonders

Tips and tricks:

There are a total of 10 medals in this game. Try to collect all of them.

When you attack during jump in the air, you will spin and you can continue attacking the enemy.

Cave of Wonders Walkthrough