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Cargo Bridge


Cargo Bridge is a fascinating game by Limex Game Studio that I think you will fall for. This is a puzzle game, yet it isn't boring at all. In this game, you'll be building some bridges, but there are no rules at all! With amazing elements, you can build whatever you want. Let your imagination fly in this attractive game!

About this game:

Cargo Bridge is a puzzle game of Limex Game Studio. This game is perfect for those who love doing designing works or simply likes to create fun stuff. Cargo Block has simple gameplay, yet it is still really fun to play with. In this game, you'll need your thinking skills, analyzing skills, problem-solving skills, and above all, your brilliant imagination.

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing cheerfully. Unfortunately, it's not such a nice day for the workers living upon the hills. They woke up that morning discovered that the bridges near their house had vanished into thin air.

These bridges connecting the sides of the valley are the only path for them to get to work and collect their cargos. Without those bridges, the workers will all lose their jobs. You're an architecture and also, a close neighbor of them. Are you willing to give a hand?

So, what can you do? Help them by building new, stable bridges leading to the other side of the valley, where their cargos lay. Before you start building anything, remember to take a thorough look at the terrain. Checkout for some slopes because in a not Doppler game, physics is everything. It means, if there is a downward slope right before the bridge means that your bridge must sustain stronger force than normal.

Then, click the Design icon to go to the designing area. In this area, you'll be like a real architect working on a real construction. The paper and drawings in this area is 100%, like the real materials of an architect. Sit down and begin to sketch your bridge. In the first level, there will be a small tutorial for you. Remember that each element costs you a certain amount of money and your budget is limited.

Yeah, so let's say, your imagination can fly, but it has to fly under the pressure of money. There are two available bridge elements for you: wood walk and wood collector. Each of them has a specialized function, wood walk is the platform the workers walk on, but without wood collector, they cannot stand properly. So, you need a combination of both to build a bridge. Later in the games, you can unlock more cool material like flying materials and more. Use them wisely!

In Cargo Bridge, your time won't be counted. That means, your scores won't be affected by the minutes you use. You know, great buildings need time to be great. Just take your time analyzing and thinking. Polish every detail and make your designs the best bridges ever!

When you finish your sketch, don't forget to test it to see whether it works correctly or needs some improvements. Sometimes, making mistakes is totally okay, you know, the best of the bests is still making mistakes every day. Calm down, open your sketch again and try to find out what's wrong. And if you were trying over and over again and still cannot find where the problems are, I suggest deleting the whole bridge and start again.

Yeah, I know that it sounds crazy and I know that it's so difficult to delete your own efforts. But I think it's better to have a refreshment and build something brand new instead of trying to stick to your failed design. Still, the choice is yours.

In Cargo, there is barely any rules when you build the bridge. So, what's your performance depends on? The answer is, your points depends on how much money you spent in building the bridges. The less money you spent, the more points you earn. So, for the ambitious players, after you succeeded in a level, you may want to check if your bridge is the most economical one.

You know, there are many paths you can take to reach a certain destination, but the best path is always the shortest. Maybe you should try to build more different bridges and see what's the best way! Your performance throughout all the levels will be your total score. Try to achieve as high points as possible to get your name on the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to be the names on the hall of fame?

Cargo Bridge is an ideal game for those who like designing, especially for those who have always wanted to be an architect. Unlock level after level, and have fun with the daily work of a design professor. Enjoy the various levels of Cargo Bridge and make the most of your imagination.

If you've fallen for this interesting game, check out its sequel Cargo Bridge 2 and build even more works of art! In Cargo Bridge 2, there are three different worlds for you to discover, and tons of levels to challenge yourself.

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How to play:

  • Move your mouse to the right edge to scroll the screen to the right side. It also works the same for the left side!
  • Build your bridge by holding and releasing your left mouse button.
  • Select elements and click "Delete selected" from the upper-left menu or use the Delete button on your keyboard.

Tips and tricks:

  • There'll be times when you got stuck. Your bridges aren't strong enough and although you try over and over again, you don't really know what to fix. In those times, I reckon you clear the whole project and have a fresh start again. Click "Clear project" on the upper left menu and build a brand new bridge!
  • Excessively long elements will not be strong enough and hence, you shall not use them to make your bridge. As you can't build an element with an excess length, therefore connecting shorter pieces is necessary.

Cargo Bridge Walkthrough