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Car Eats Car 6

About the game:

Car Eats Car 6 belongs to the category of racing and action video game, designed by Smokoko. You will play the role of a red car, lost among the evil cars. You will have to fight against them. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard or AWSD keys to controlling the car.

In the game, you will be selected the difficulty level of the round, with the corresponding star number. 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars, represent for normal mode, expert mode and mad mode, respectively. You will have to collect enough 108 stars through 40 rounds of play. 40 rounds of this game are divided into 4 areas, each area includes 10 rounds.

On the way, you will control the car to eat ruby, destroy other cars. On the screen will show your energy bar and life. If you run out of energy, you will go very slowly. And then you have to turn the car around with the arrow keys or A, D keys to get more energy. When another car hits you, your life will decrease. If you die before reaching the destination, you will lose and have to play that round again

Car Eats Car 6 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Using the AWSD keys or arrow keys on the keyboard, namely:

  • A/left arrow key or D/right arrow key: tilting the car.
  • S/down arrow key: braking the car.
  • W/up arrow key: accelerating the car.
  • X key: using the energy.
  • SPACE key: bombing.

Car Eats Car 6 - How to play

Control of Car Eats Car 6

Tips and tricks:

Using ruby ​​that has been eaten to upgrade your car through each round of play

Car Eats Car 6 Walkthrough