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Car Eats Car 3

About game:

Car eats car 3 is an addicting racing game created by Smokoko company. It is the right choice for players who looking for an action-packed thrilling car platform game with customizable vehicles.

When play Car eats car 3, it is not simply that you just drive the car to the finish line. During the way, there will have another car trying to attack your car. To fight them, you can use special abilities such as freeze, earthquake, thunderstorm, and enigma. Remember to collect the golden box, ruby, golden cogwheel on the way.

This game has a huge amount of content and players will find it hard to stop playing. After you pass a level, you can upgrade the armor and speed or the power of your special abilities. There are also have many power-ups include speed boosts, gravity boosts, bombs and more. Use these power-ups at the right time to defeat the enemy. This game has three levels of difficulty for players to choose from. Let’s reach the exit of each level safely and be the winner!

Car eats car 3 Unblocked:

You can play Car eats car 3 unblocked game directly on directly in your browser for free. is a good website to play flash games online without downloading. It also features a large number of addicting free games of many categories. So why don’t you give it a try?

How to play:


  • Up arrow to move forward.
  • Down arrow to move backward.
  • Left arrow to balance left.
  • Right arrow to balance right.
  • Hold X for Turbo and Z to fly.
  • Press space bar to drop bombs.

Car Eats Car 3 - How to play

Control of Car Eats Car 3

Tips and trick:

  • You should collect as many tokens (ruby, golden cogwheel) as possible to upgrade your car after each level.
  • If you hold the left/right arrow to perform a flip, you will receive a 10% energy bonus.
  • Search for golden boxes while driving to find useful things inside, such as tokens, boosters items or premium item parts.

Car Eats Car 3 Walkthrough