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Car Eats Car

About the game:

Car eats car is an engaging racing game with gameplay inspired by the Temple Run game, which is created by Smokoko. This game will be a strong motivation for you to run forward. In addition to the beautiful graphics and compelling soundtrack, it will make you more excited when playing it.

In this exciting racing game, you will be the driver, you have to control your red car from the pursuit of the fierce green car. Your journey will have easy obstacles and difficult obstacles, they will appear during your journey. The green car will try to attack your car, it ‘s the goal is to prevent you from earning stars and coins that you must try to kill it and spend lots of coins and stars.

You use coins to upgrade your car such as speed, durability, wheels, tires, etc. Your main goal is to escape the green car and get to the finish line, so you have to be clever and focused as you jump up to the hill and win the race.

Car eats car unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Up: Accelerate
  • Down: Brake & Reverse
  • Left/Right: Balance
  • Space: Jump
  • X = Turbo

Car Eats Car - How to play

Control of Car Eats Car

Tips and tricks:

  • When you are chased by a green car, press Space to jump up
  • Press X twice to run faster

Car Eats Car Walkthrough