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Cactus McCoy 2

About game:

Cactus McCoy 2 (full name: Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera) is definitely a worth-to-try journey in the genre of adventure games from Flipline Studios. Calavera – the sacred city of the Volados, which was ruled by a winged Shaman and his Serpent Blade was dragged into a bloody war. The Reptaras tried to steal the Serpent Blade from the Volados but luckily, it was sealed in a secret place and only descendants of Shaman are able to break the magic seal. McCoy had a deal with Ella - a descendant and took part in this fantastic treasure hunting journey.
Before getting into the game, you can choose your nickname and your playing process will be saved.

Our cactus McCoy has to get through 11 stages to reach the final destination – Calavera. A walkthrough is not really necessary for Cactus McCoy 2 since the instruction of controlling keys is included right on the screen while you are playing so don’t worry, you just have to practice a little bit to control the game more flexible. The game’s background is at a desert which is full of challenges. Different kinds of enemies are surrounding the map but so do weapons. Pick the one you like and use it to defeat all of your enemies.
JoinCactus McCoy 2 now to experience the mysterious feeling when you have to join a dangerous journey for an ancient lost treasure!

Cactus McCoy 2 Unblocked:

Smash the evil Reptaras into pieces and collect the Serpent Blade with Cactus McCoy 2 Unblocked game at This is a fantastic site where you can play free games from anywhere in the world! Take a look at it!

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How to play:

  • Left and right arrow keys for moving to the left and right.
  • Down arrow key for sitting down.
  • Up arrow key for aiming upward.
  • A to jump.
  • S to attack/shoot.
  • D to drop items.
  • Cactus McCoy 2 - How to play

Control of Cactus McCoy 2

Tips and tricks:

Pay attention to your weapons and try to change for the new one before it’s broken.

Cactus McCoy 2 is one of the most popular games on side by side with games like Dream tower and Give up robot. Cactus McCoy 2 is one of our selected.

Cactus McCoy 2 Walkthrough