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Cactus McCoy

About Cactus McCoy:

Cactus McCoy Unblocked was developed and published by Flipline Studios, this is a 2D Platform game that will remind you to the good old time with NES games genre. The game started when our main character, McCoy, who was hired by Hex Hatfield. He threw a bag full of money to McCoy and asked him to retrieve a rare jewel in Cactus shape that called the Thorned Emerald, from a specific location on the map. And that’s where our journey begins!

Follow the storyline, the player will discover that in order to get the Thorned Emerald, McCoy has paid a very painful price, a curse that turned him into a human Cactus. The only way that he could back to normal is to follow the instructions from an ancient God:

"From human to cactus then finally stone. The curse will continue until it's home. At sunrise, follow that path to the next pieces of the map, which will lead you to the jewel's proper home."

There are 12 levels in total, and along the way, you will face many types of enemy, collect coin in order to unlock your Stats including: Punching, Swinging, Shooting, Throwing, Whipping. By the end of each level, you will collect a piece of a map that will lead to the next level.

Cactus McCoy Unblocked:

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How to play:   

  • Press A to Jump.
  • Press S to throw punches.
  • Press D drop your weapon.
  • Combine Arrow keys + S     to throw darts to the desired destination.
  • Press Down arrow key to kneel and collect darts/ treasures along the way.

Cactus McCoy - How to play

Control of Cactus McCoy

Tips and tricks:

  • If you died, you will lose your current weapon and if you got hit by enemies, your collected coins will be lost.
  • The more combos that you perform on the enemies, the more coin you will earn from them.
  • The Box can be used to stand on, in order to jump to a higher platform. Or, you could just pick it up and throw onto your enemies as a weapon.

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Cactus McCoy Walkthrough