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Bubble Trouble


Are you looking for a multiplayer game? Bubble Trouble online game can be an ideal choice. The game allows you to play with your friends because it has a 2-player mode. Gamers can improve their shooting skills with this competition. You will control the characters to move around the ground to shoot the targets.

About Bubble Trouble game:

Bubble Trouble is one of the best addicting games for gamers of all ages. I think that you will be impressed by the rule of the game and be attracted by the interesting challenges. You don’t need to make any plan in this game, just act quickly to move the character to the correct position and then aim the goal. Besides playing by yourself, this game allows you to invite and challenge your friends because it has a multiplayer mode. You and your buddy will have a happy relaxing time together.

The character is waiting for you, and he is standing with his back on the ground. Your main mission is to take control of this mysterious character and move around the area, but you can’t be able to jump, just go left or go right. The bubble will drop down from the sky and bounces continuously. Then, you run below this bubble and shoot it to divide it. After that, the bubble is 2-times smaller. It means the ball splits into several smaller ones each time you shoot a bubble, and then they will disappear as you shoot it for the last time.

There are many levels for you to conquer, and you have to finish each level to unlock the next one. You finish each task when you use your harpoon gun to destroy all bouncing bubbles. When you shoot the gun, a line of bullets appears and if it touches the jumping object, it can split the object into 2 pieces. You gain scores for each time splitting. When you havoc the biggest ball, you get 100 points, for the smaller, you earn 50 points. Besides, you will gain more points as you shoot the bubble and a gold coin falls down. The biggest number of coins you can earn once you finish each part.  It may be many hundred points. The higher level you are in, the more scores you can get.

In this online game, to keep yourself alive, you need to account for the bounce and don’t let the bubbles touch you. Give your best shot to destroy them when they are in the sky because if the bubble touches you, you will die. You have to complete each task in a certain limited time. You can see the time bar, a red bar, on the bottom of the screen. Players will win if they finish the duty before the time runs out. Otherwise, they will lose. Hence, you must try your best to destroy all the bubbles as quickly as possible to walk through the game. Be careful of the power-ups that drop when you demolish the bubbles too such as an arrow that increases the bounce height of the bubbles.

The needed skill is reflexes. Take a look carefully and stand on the most suitable location in order to have a perfect shooter. The bullets are unlimited, so it is needless to save it. Keep constantly shooting to win the game sooner.

You have totally 5 chances for each time playing. After each time you die, you lose one chance, and after you lose all your chances, the game is over. Then, you have to replay from the first point. The points are accumulated during your 5 chances but when you fail, you have to restart from no point. Your score is displayed on the left corner of the screen.

If you feel boring when playing lonely, you can invite your friends or family members to compete with you because the game has the 2 players gaming mode. You and your competitors stand side by side. Each of you takes control of one devilish little character to raze object. Select one of two characters to appear on the screen: the red one or the blue one. The one who can decay more will gain more points and win the game. The score of the player 1 appears on the left corner and one of player 2 displays on the right corner. In this mode of the free game, each of you has 5 chance, too. The person who loses all their lives first loses the game. Then, another one has to continue destroying the required bubbles to unlock the next level. Try your best to live longer and earn the highest score to become the winner!

Don’t forget to catch all the prizes you can see after each time you split the bubbles. They can be gift boxes or gold coins. They give you more power and even more points.

The graphic is so beautiful and attractive. The colors of the ground and bubble are changing every level. For instance, the bubble is green in level 1 and yellow in level two. It makes players feel like they are in a colorful vivid world. The game also allows you to play in full-screen mode to have full and interesting gaming experience.

Bubble Trouble Unblocked:

Do you want to have a relaxing time with Bubble Trouble Unblocked, one of the most famous flash games? Enjoy your games on the site and I hope that you will have an amazing experience. It is a first-rate bubble shooter HTML 5 game which can run smoothly on pc and even mobile devices including IOS products and Android products. One of the most attractions is that you can play the game on a full screen. In addition to this, gamers also can challenge their friends and family and have a great fight. Don’t hesitate! It’s time for you to be happy with Bubble Trouble! Good luck and have fun!

How to play:

Control player 1:

  • Use the left arrow to go to the left and right arrow to go to the right.
  • Press Space bar to shoot.

Control player 2:

  • Use the key X to go to the left and key C to go to the right.
  • Press W to shoot.

Bubble Trouble - how to play

Control of Bubble Trouble Unblocked


Tips and tricks:

  • Try to avoid the falling ball so that it can’t touch you and kill you.
  • Click “quit” on the bottom to exit the game and click the speaker icon to turn on/off the sound.
  • Shoot continuously to remove the objects easily.
  • Collect all the power-ups falling from the split balls.

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Some frequently asked questions:

  • How many levels?

There are totally 17 levels for players to conquer and you have to complete them one by one to unlock the next level.

  • How to pause?

If you want to pause the game for many seconds or minutes, you just need to click the “quit” button on the bottom. Then, it will ask you: “Really? Yes? Or No?”. You click “No” when you want to continue the game.

Bubble Trouble Walkthrough