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Bob The Robber 5


Welcome to BOB THE ROBBER 5 which is developed by Funtomic (or you can call it Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure). In this interesting strategy and puzzle arcade game for PC, you will continue to help Bob (a famous thief) in dangerous robberies at a new location. It will be the most dangerous place Bob has ever been. A new land with dungeons, bad guys, deadly traps, aborigines, and even mummies ... it's an ancient temple. Are you ready?

About game:

BOB THE ROBBER 5 is one of the best addicting games of this series. This flash game brings you a total of 10 different levels in a dangerous land. It is an ancient temple full of treasures and deadly traps. Bob had a lot of experience with robberies in the previous 4 seasons, but maybe this is the most difficult task he faces. Because the challenges he has to overcome are not only human but also strange creatures. There have been many upgrades for challenges and Bob needs to move skillfully, taking advantage of shadow, and timing accurately to get to the target position. With special 2D graphics and great gameplay, I believe you will like this game even if this is the first time you know it. This game has simple but fun gameplay, and it suits everyone. If you want to play a game with your family on weekends, BOB THE ROBBER 5 is really a good choice!

First, you will appear at a specified position in the level. You must move and find a way to safely reach the destination, which is the position of the yellow arrows. However, on the way you must overcome the guards armed with weapons, mummies in the temple, bad guys’ camera system, and deadly traps. You have only 1 life and if you fail, the game will end. At level 1, you must pass two mummies that move very fast. However, if you pay attention, they will move in a fixed distance and you will not be difficult to overcome them. And let me tell you a secret, mummies are actually regular guards. They were disguised to scare anyone who came near their treasure. And because you are Bob, an experienced thief, so you can hit them from behind and they will lose consciousness. This is one of the great skills to help you complete the challenges in the game.

Hidden coins are rare items in the game and they are hidden in special locations. Please check all wooden crates, chests, cabinets... or anything you suspect to collect hidden coins. Your ultimate goal is to move to the destination safely and open the door to go to the next floor in the ancient temple. So you can ignore some hidden coins if they are in too dangerous positions. There are many hidden coins in each level and on the upper left of the game screen is the amount of hidden coins you have collected. Note that the finish time will also affect your results after completing a level. You will be rewarded with up to 3 gold stars for each level. And if you're stuck at a certain level in the ancient temple, see the video walkthrough to pass it.

If at level 1 you only face two mummies, at level 2, you will have to cross the scientist and find the code to open the elevator. Look for pieces of paper on the way and read them. Fill in the correct numbers in the paper to open the elevator. Don't think that you can easily overcome a scientist. If he sees you from afar, you will not have a chance to stop him from pressing the alarm button. At level 3, you continue to face bad guys armed with weapons. You can attack these soldiers from behind or wait until they sleep. Maybe these soldiers and have been guarded for a long time so they will get tired and sleep. When you reach the specified location, you will have new gadgets to complete the level. But don't forget the locked doors. They will become much more complex in this ancient temple. When you adjust, you'll find it much harder than the previous seasons.

Mummies in Bob the Robber 5

Mummies in Bob the Robber 5

In BOB THE ROBBER 5, the laser doors were upgraded. When you open the console, the time will run and if you cannot disable the laser door, the alarm will sound. This is a difficult problem about the pressure of time for you. Please choose the right wire. If you have a wrong choice, you will lose the game. Look at the color and "path" of the wires. I think it's not that hard! For the camera system, similar to the previous seasons, you can hide in the shadow to avoid their view. When you are detected by the camera, don't worry because you have about 1 second to move away from it. BOB THE ROBBER 5 is really a great free online game. Please enjoy your game! Have a good day!

BOB THE ROBBER 5 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Left and right arrow to move and Up arrow to interact.

Bob The Robber 5 - How to play

Control of Bob The Robber 5 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Try BOB THE ROBBER 5 UNBLOCKED in full screen mode and you will feel it’s great.
  • You can view the video walkthrough in the Pause Menu.
  • Give Up Robot Unblocked - A great game you should try.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat this hard game?

To complete a level in BOB THE ROBBER 5 UNBLOCKED, you need to do the following:

  • Step 1: Move to suspicious objects to check them and collect needed items. Go up or down the stairs to go to other rooms.
  • Step 2: If you encounter a lock, try to open it as fast as you can while avoiding the scope of the guards.
  • Step 3 (important): Read all the papers you see on the way to get the code and open the elevator.
  • Step 4: You can stand in the shadow to avoid the camera's range. And you can also attack the guards from behind.
  • Step 5: For the laser door system, you have to cut the right wire to disable it. Do this as fast as you can because you don't have much time.
  • Step 6: At the position of the yellow arrows is a gadget. Use it to open the last door and move to the next level.
  • Step 7: If you really can't complete a difficult level, look at the video walkthrough in the pause menu!

Bob The Robber 5 Walkthrough