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Bob The Robber


Welcome to BOB THE ROBBER which is developed by Funtomic. This is an interesting strategy and puzzle arcade video game about controlling a thief (for PC). Your mission in this game is to help Bob (a famous thief) complete his cool robbery missions. Don't think that this is a bad job, Bob carefully investigated where he would rob. It's bad guys money (they are very rich) and then Bob will give these money to the poor. I believe this is a good job but it is risky. Will you help Bob?

About game:

When Bob was young, he practiced and trained hard on the special skills of a thief. Bob can open the most complex locks easily, he can destroy any security system he wants, and he is very good at finding locations that have money. In BOB THE ROBBER UNBLOCKED, you will help Bob complete all 5 levels with difficult challenges. These levels are different locations and they are owned by bad guys. Bob will infiltrate a mansion; he will steal money in the Jewelery Store, a Hotel, a Bar, and even a Casino.

This game has a very impressive interface. You can see all the rooms in the level as soon as the game starts, and you must move to the position of the yellow arrows to complete the mission. Pay attention to the papers on the wall. You will use W or up arrow key to read them. Read and remember important information that the paper provides. You will need this information to complete the level. You will have to move through different rooms (in some levels, you can skip some rooms), collect money, and run to the destination. If you want to go upstairs, just press the W or up arrow key. You can also use W or up arrow key to check cartons or places that you think have money. At the upper left corner of the screen is the amount you have collected. In my experience, you should check all the objects in the map.

When you start a level, the time will run. But don't worry too much because you won't be defeated by time. It only affects the score after you complete the level. In one level, you will definitely have to pass the locked doors. But Bob is an expert in unlocking and this is not a difficult challenge for him. To pick a lock, you just press and hold W or up arrow key until you open it. But you should be careful because when you are unlocking, if a guard sees you, he will alert and you will be arrested. And in BOB THE ROBBER UNBLOCKED, you only have 5 lives (try to use them effectively). Next, for doors that have a lock code, you need to interact with the console and use the passwords to open it. Do you remember the papers on the wall? One of them will contain the passwords you are looking for. If you can't remember the code, write them down on a sheet of paper!

Another obstacle is the camera system. If you are seen by the camera, it will alert and you will lose 1 life! All robbers prefer being in the shadows and Bob is, too.  When still, he will hide himself in a shadow and cameras won’t see him. You need to hide in the dark and move in the direction that the camera cannot detect. When you face the laser barriers in some secret places, the alarm will sound if you pass through. To disable these barriers you need to rewire the electrical control unit. Yes, Bob can accomplish this easily, you just need to give him a little time. When Bob safely arrives at the designated location, you have one final step to complete the mission: find a way to escape the house. Move to the position of the arrows again to complete the level.

Do you think all these obstacles are hard? Not enough! The most difficult challenge in this game is robots and guards. They are always moving and Bob needs to timing accurately to overcome these enemies. After completing a level, Bob's score will be based on the time he used, the amount he has collected, and the number of lives remaining. Locations will be wider and Bob must observe the map carefully. Only with a small mistake, Bob will be caught. And if you can't continue the game, you can Pause to stop the time. Move quietly, hide in the dark and steal bad guys' money. Good luck and have fun!


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How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game and Space bar to attack the guard.

Press W or up arrow key to read the paper on the wall.

Bob The Robber - How to play

Control of Bob The Robber

Tips and tricks:

  • Each level has 5 stars, complete the level as fast as you can and collect all 5 stars for each level. The stars are proof to prove you are really a talented thief!
  • Experience the game in full screen mode because it really helps you feel excited.
  • Bob The Robber 1 is one of the addicting games that has hard challenges. If you're stuck, watch its walkthrough video.
  • When you are detected by camera, robot or guard, you can hide into the darkness immediately (or go back to go to the previous area) to avoid them. You have about 1 second to do this before the alarm sound!
  • Every robot, camera, or guard moves along certain routes. Pay attention to this and you can pass them one by one easily.
  • Each camera has a limited range and as long as you are not in this range, you will not be detected.
  • Paris is a lovely destination for a vacation. Try Bob the Robber 4 Paris now.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat?

First, you need to observe all the rooms in the map and determine the best route to reach the destination. Second, you have to read all the paper on the wall because one of them will have passwords to unlock special doors. Third, when you unlock a door or disable the security system, make sure there are no guards near you. Fourth, hide in the dark and you can pass through the cameras system easily. Finally, move in the back of the guards and you will not be detected by them, then hide in the darkness and wait for them to pass by your face to overcome them. You should also collect all the money in each level to increase your points.

Bob The Robber Walkthrough