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About the game:

BLYM is an extremely interesting and exciting adventure game. In this game, you need to lead and support the character BLYM to pass through all the challenges. The final goal is the exit door. The primary manipulation of the character is to move and jump over obstacles. Throughout from beginning to end of this game will include four different scenes. Each scene will consist of 10 levels.

The first scene is the forest, followed by the ice island, a construction site, and finally the volcano. Corresponding to each stage will have different obstacles, such as dunes, icebergs, lava flows, or fireballs. You will have to be skillful to overcome all these challenges and take the BLYM character through the exit door.

This game requires the quickness and smart tactics of the player to be able to control the BLYM character to overcome all challenges at four different stages. Try your intelligence with BLYM!

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How to play:

To control the BLYM character, you can use the arrow keys to adjust this character to move, run, or jump. In some situation, you will have to use the key combination to move and jump.

BLYM - How to play

Control of BLYM

Tips and Tricks:

Please carefully observe the layout of the game before joining this game to create the best strategy to bring the character BLYM towards the door. Practice a few times before playing to get used to the game manipulation and quickly conquer all levels!

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BLYM Walkthrough