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Block World

About game:

Talking about the legendary Minecraft, we have thousands of other enjoyable video games with similar gameplay and graphics. This video game Block World is just one game in the collection of Minecraft’s junior video games.

In the game world of Minecraft, you will have two options to choose, one is Survival, while the other one is Free Play. The Free Play mode allows you to play the game without pressure. If you love to explore Block World without being affected by the Survival elements, you should choose to play in The Free Play mode. Most of your action in Block World is discovering new lands, building up walls and grounds, as well as managing your empire. The game has several types of buildings for you, such as Block walls, Hard rocks and more. You will be playing Block World using the first-person perspective, and you only get to see the shadow of your character when the sun shines on him.

In the Survival mode of the game, Block World offers incredible challenges for you to test your limits. One of the most exciting factors you will enjoy in the Survival gameplay is the death. Block World gives you a certain number of lives you have and force you to live on it. Once you injure yourself by falling off a high place or cutting your arms, you will lose one life. Somehow, Block World makes you feel like you are actually in the game world, not the real life you are in anymore. You will love this Platform, Minecraft and Adventure video game Block World as much as you love Minecraft. Check it out!

Block World Unblocked:

You should come to and play Block World Unblocked for free. Here, we have prepared a nice user interface and you can access this gaming site at any time. Don’t forget that we always update hot and new unblocked games every day! Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse cursor to break walls, rocks, and other kinds of stuff.
  • Use the number keys to choose the type of object you want to add to your world.
  • Press the Space bar to jump.

Block World - How to play

Control of Block World

Tips and tricks:

You can either explore Block World on your own or see a walkthrough video to save time and receive even more Awards.
The new players should take The Free Play mode to get used to the game first.

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Block World Walkthrough