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Best Friends Forever

About the game:

Best Friends Forever is a strategy game that requires a quick and flexible player. When participating in this game, you will have to control three characters at the same time, in a turn, to complete the tasks. Three characters will have to support each other to reach the exit door and win this game. The context of the game is the rooms are decorated with different obstacles.

The higher the level, the more complex and challenging to overcome obstacles, so all three characters must work together well and effectively to win this game. This is a game that requires meticulous observation of the player and needs a smart strategy to, in turn, support the characters to overcome the challenges and come together to the door. In the rooms of each challenge, there will be traps to prevent three characters from completing the task.

Besides, there will also be switches that require three characters to support each other to open the switch. This is a game with the smooth operation but quite complex to be able to control three characters in a game at once. Try it now with Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever Unblocked:

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How to play:

Operation of this game is extremely simple. Press Arrows to move, Z to jump and Shift to switch players.

Best Friends Forever - How to play

Control of Best Friends Forever

Tips and Tricks:

Before starting a level, carefully observe how the obstacles are arranged so that you can arrange the role of the players in the most reasonable way. Don't forget to use keystrokes to control the character according to your wishes and facilitate the three characters to support each other most effectively. Practice a bit before playing to get used to game manipulation and easier to win.