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About this game

Bearbarians is an awesome strategy and platform video game created by Jay Armstrong Games. In this game, your main character and his teammate will fight against the other groups in order to save his friends and his village from being attacked.

The team member consists of 4 types: mage, scout, medic, and tank. This game is created to suit the best to those who like mad-fingered games. With tons of equipment in the shop (included hats, weapons, and armors) that can be bought at some level to update your team. The price of these items is cheap, but the effect it brings is considerable.

Each time you died in a match, you will be revived and able to change class after 5 seconds. The difficulty of the game varies from easy, normal to hard and insane.And if you completed these campaigns, there is still instant action for you to challenge yourself through your own designed matches. Have fun!

Bearbarians Unblocked

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How to play

  • As common control keys for many games, you can use arrows to move, jump and go down from platforms, but this game is slightly different.
  • You need to use A to attack in melee, S to shoot (magic or bullets) and D to block enemy’s attack (though the use of these keys can be different on each class).

Bearbarians - How to play

Control of Bearbarians

Tips and tricks

  • Your team is losing and you lack skills to 1 vs 6 yourselves? Choose the mage class and a suitable position, then start spamming “S” and the Up arrow, you will see the good result.
  • Don’t forget to buy and equip your comrades with suitable items to make them stronger, and have a higher chance to win the battle.

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