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Battle Mage

About game:

Brought to you by Armor Games, Battle Mage is a very unique fighting game in classic style. In this game, you will be a warrior who is able to use Sword and cast the magic spell at the same, fighting enemies and defeat all strong Bosses through 37 levels. The number of levels in this game might seem too much for some players, but actually it very short. Each level will only last for 3 to 5 minutes as maximum. Throughout the game, there will be 08 Bosses in total, and by defeating each Boss, your character will learn a new special skill that might be very useful while fighting the next one.

Do remember that the Boss of each stage only have some basic movements and keep repeating it, try to remember its movements and you will be able to defeat it easily. During this game, there is a small detail about our hero that very interesting if you notice: every time our hero makes a jump, his hands and legs gesture are very similar to Megaman from the Capcom’s Megaman series.

Even though Battle Mage was designed as a basic 2D graphics video games but each level in this game was very well-designed with catchy graphics, sounds, and challenges that will make you want to keep playing over and over again to beat it.

Battle Mage Unblocked:

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When mentioning the best flash games of all time, Battle Mage is the name that people think of most beside other prominent names like Bob The Robber 4 with many seasons or William and Sly.

How to play:   

Use Arrow keys for basic movements. Combine Up arrow key with Left/ Right arrow key to jump.
Press the S key to attack your enemies.
Press the D key to cast Spell/ Magic.
Press the P key for Potion (Health recover).
Hit the Space bar to Cycle Weapons.

Battle Mage - how to play

Control of Battle Mage

Tips and tricks:

Some battles could be avoided by jumping to the platform above your enemies.
Try to attack enemies with both sword and magic are more effective in killing them faster, but do remember to check your Magic bar on the left corner of your screen, make sure it won’t be empty.