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About this game:

Bango is an incredible puzzle-solving and platform video game. This game was established in 2009, but itself has a natural charisma that no one can resist. Once you entered, you will be a stick man with the role to collect all the blocks. You can pick them up by jumping on them, then they will disappear.

The problem here is that you need to be very careful in choosing your step, plus your console skill. Just one miss click and all your progress will be ruined. The higher level you are, the more rules are added to challenge you, so try to keep your mind clear of frustration before you play.

Since you are done with normal levels, there are 10 challenge levels, included 5 extra-hard levels and 5 frustrating levels. Not only the game is incredible, but also the music is quite charming for everyone. Have fun!        

Bango Unblocked:

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How to play:

Every console, especially platform games have the same way to control your character: by using arrows keys or 3 essential keys – A, W, D – to move and jump onto platforms.

The Space button can also work in this game for jumping.

Bango - How to play

Control of Bango

Tips and tricks:

If you are new to this type of game, try to spend some minutes at the beginning to imagine the best way to solve those puzzles, you can even find walk-through of this game online in case you are out of ideas.

Try to stay SUPER PATIENT! This game is not created for hot-temperature guys since it is ways too easy to make mistakes while playing. We surely don’t want you to smash your keyboard because of this.