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Bad Ice Cream 3


Welcome back to Bad Ice Cream 3, a very fun and exciting 2D arcade online game. This game was released on December 20th 2013 by Nitrome. Bad Ice Cream 3 brings you 41 levels with difficult challenges. Like its previous two seasons, your mission in this season 3 is to collect all the fruits on the screen of all the waves while avoiding the dangerous creatures willing to kill you. Collect all the enemies' fruits, or be killed by these creatures! Are you ready?

About game:

Bad Ice Cream 3 by Nitrome is designed with maps that are surrounded by rocks. In the map there will be ice blocks and fruits. Each level will have many waves, in each wave is a fruit. Your mission is to collect all the fruits in all waves. After you collect all the fruit of wave 1, the fruit of wave 2 will appear. Sorry you guys played through the previous two parts of this video game, but it would be an omission if I didn't introduce a bit of the game to the new comers. Bad Ice Cream 3 uses cool 8-bit graphics and it has 2 game modes to serve you: 1 Player and 2 Players. If you play in the 1 player mode, it’s OK. But that would be very interesting if you experience this game with a friend. You guys can work together to eat all the fruit or compete on who can eat the most fruit.

Bad Ice Cream 3 has a total of 41 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has different creatures (they have different skills), different power-ups, different fruits, and different maps. You need to observe the terrain carefully and learn about the skills of each creature. You should also use breath to create ice blocks. This is a special skill to help you get rid of enemies in an emergency. If you don't know anything about an enemy's abilities, you'll be killed in a snap. Here are some information about the first levels:

  • Level 1: You have to face a cow udder. You need to collect 16 lemons in wave 1 and 14 oranges in wave 2 to complete the level. Note that the cow udder can break the created ice blocks. After collecting all the lemons, there will be two oranges appearing near the cow udder. The terrain in the map will have high cacti, stone walls, and some shrubs.
  • Level 2: You face 1 starfish. You need to collect 8 bananas, 4 lemons, 14 oranges, and 13 watermelons to complete the task. Note that you can easily escape starfish, but then you must quickly move when it creates snow starfish. There are two pipes on the map and you can go inside them to hide. The terrain in this level will have stone walls, four signals and small rails.
  • Level 3: You face 8 cactus monsters. You need to collect 6 grapes, 6 kiwis, 12 lemons, and 24 watermelons. Stay away from cactus when they get angry. Cacti can break ice blocks.
  • Level 4: You have to face 1 sandworm. You need to collect 4 pomegranates, 14 grapes, 4 lemons, and 2 pineapples. Note that the sandworm can get under the ground. You should stand on metal tiles to get rid of it.
  • Level 5: You face 20 peppermints. You need to collect 8 green apples, 8 peaches, 8 bananas, and 4 kiwis. You can create ice blocks to make peppermints change the direction.
  • Level 41: This is the last and most difficult level in the game. You face a lot of mimic aliens. And in this level, you have the opportunity to see avocados.

In Bad Ice Cream 3, there are many new creatures added. Here are some information about typical enemies:

  • Cactus monsters - They sleep in groups and create walls. When they wake up, they will move. When angry, they can destroy ice blocks.
  • Mimic aliens – They can copy your shape and movements.
  • Peppermints with bombs – Each of these creatures has a bomb and they can destroy flying saucers.

Monsters in Bad Ice Cream 3

Monsters in Bad Ice Cream 3

In addition, this flash game (for pc) also brings you many interesting interactive objects (power-ups). You should take advantage of their unique abilities to collect fruit and complete the mission:

  • Pipes - With this power-up, you can cross to the other side of the map.
  • Infected tiles - If you create ice blocks onto an infected tile, the ice blocks will become infected blocks.
  • Pipes - Transports you between these pipes. Use them to chase the moving fruits on the map.

There are still many interesting things waiting for you to experience in the Bad Ice Cream 3 video game. Try it once!

Bad Ice Cream 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Player 1 use arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD to move the ice-cream.

Player 1 use space and Player 2 use F to create or break ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream 3 - How to play

Control of Bad Ice Cream 3

Tips and tricks:

  • If you have tried your best but still cannot pass a level in Bad Ice Cream 3 Unblocked, take a look at the walkthrough clip for tips.
  • You need to move skillfully and timing accurately every time you want to cross a creature.
  • Take advantage of all power-ups in the map to complete the levels as quickly as possible.
  • For creatures that you can't freeze, just stay away from them as soon as you can. You cannot stop them, you can only avoid them!
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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat the game?

  • You need to observe these creatures and hazards in the level. Check their skills and look for the power-ups.
  • If you can freeze an enemy, freeze it. If you can't, dodge it. Timing is an important factor when you move and collect fruits.
  • Play with 2 Players to support each other. You guys should cooperate to complete the level. If you die and your friend can eat all the fruits, you both complete the mission!

How to win bad ice cream 3 unblocked level 24?

Your enemies in this level are 2 boots and you must collect 20 pomegranates, 20 oranges, 8 pineapples to complete your task. Create ice blocks to change the direction of the boots when they are near you. There are 2 flames in the middle of the map. If you want to cross them, you have to create blocks of ice over them, then you break the ice and the flames will disappear. Note that a few seconds later the flames will reappear.

Bad Ice Cream 3 Walkthrough