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Bad Ice Cream 2


Welcome back to Bad Ice Cream 2, a very fun and exciting 2D arcade online game by Nitrome. Have you completed all the challenges in the first season of the Bad Ice Cream series? If you say YES, be prepared to take on new challenges with Bad Ice Cream 2. Again, you will control the cute ice cream that can move and create the ice blocks with breath. Your goal is to eat all the fruits on the map. I think this is the cream with the biggest stomach I've ever known lol.

About game:

Once again, Bad Ice Cream 2 by Nitrome takes you to the cold but fun winter game world of moving ice cream, fruits, and other cute creatures. If you've never played Bad Ice Cream, you'll be surprised by its impressive 8-bit graphics. There are 2 games modes to serve you: 1 Player and 2 Players. Please invite your friends or relatives to play this game together. The challenges in the game are not simple and I think you should cooperate with another person to complete the challenges.

In this game, you will control an ice cream and try to eat all the fruits on the map before you are killed by a creature. In each level, you have to overcome complicated terrain and dodge dangerous creatures. If you touch a creature, you will die. The only way to complete a level is to eat all the fruits on the map (coconuts, peppers, and blueberries are new fruits in this season 2). However, dangerous creatures always guard around these fruits and you have to timing accurately to move and dodge them. Some requirements in Bad Ice Cream 2:

  • Level 1: Your enemies are 2 eggs Fruit. You have to collect 4 coconuts. After that, 12 bananas will appear on the map and you must collect all of them to complete the level.
  • Level 2: Your enemy is a warthog. You must collect 4 oranges. After that, 12 watermelons will appear on the map and you must collect all of them to complete the level.
  • Level 3: Your enemy is only 1 orange squid. You must collect 4 oranges in the first wave, 24 grapes in the second wave, and 4 watermelons in the last wave to complete the level.
  • Level 4: You have no enemies in this level. However, you must pass Crusher ice blocks. You must collect 8 coconuts in the first wave, 10 grapes in the second wave, and 4 pineapples in the last wave to complete the level.
  • Level 5: Your enemies are 4 eggs. In this level, you have the opportunity to touch Interactive objects "Speed up tiles". Take advantage of their ability to collect 32 cherries on the map.

Sorry, I forgot that you have the ability to create ice blocks. You can use this skill to change the path of dangerous creatures. You can also create ice blocks to overcome difficult situations or freeze the fruits that can move. Similar to Bad Ice Cream, Nitrome developed Bad Ice Cream 2 with forty levels. In each level, you will have to collect different fruits and you will also face many creatures. They are your enemies in the game and they have special skills to chase and kill you. You may have to die many times to learn about the skills of these creatures. But I think it is worth it to help you complete the levels in the next turns.

If in Bad Ice Cream, you have to face Green troll, Black & white cows, Orange squid, Pot creature, Log man, Green squid, Blue cows, Ducks, Blue squid, and Yellow cows then in Bad Ice Cream 2 you will meet new creatures. New creatures also have new skills, they are:

  • Eggs (Bad Ice-Cream) - Jump in a straight line trajectory. If two eggs collide, they hatch into aggressive crocodiles and chase you.
  • Buckets – They will fire snowballs when you enter their attack range.
  • Ice eaters – You can create ice blocks, right? Do you think your ice blocks can block dangerous creatures? Ice eaters can eat your ice blocks and shoot them at you to kill you.
  • Narwhals – These creatures can break the ice blocks. They have another skill but I will let you die in the game to learn about this interesting skill.
  • Mosquitoes – They know how to fly (of course), and they will chase you. Sometimes they will fall to the ground but I think you should not approach them.
  • Warthogs – They can destroy the ice blocks you have created. They can also create ice blocks to freeze or block your way. Stay away from them if you can!

Accompanied by dangerous creatures are new dangers. They make the game more difficult to conquer. Here is information about them:

  • Volcanoes – They are not creatures but they fire fireballs. Stay away from them if you don't want to die in an instant.
  • Crusher ice blocks – These blocks can crush the ice blocks you have created. They are not creatures but they can move. Observe their trajectories to avoid them because they will not chase you.
  • Snow machines – These machines can shoot ice blocks in different directions. Move outside of their attack range.

Similar to Bad Ice Cream, you will also have to chase the fruits that can move. Use special skills and interactive objects to collect them. You can play this online game in 1 player mode. But if I were you, I would invite my relatives and play Bad Ice Cream 2 in 2 player mode (multiplayer). If you are unable to pass a difficult map or you cannot defeat a Boss, click on the video game walkthrough button for instructions. This is a free flash game for pc and you can play it in full screen mode to get the best game experience. Good luck and have fun!

Bad Ice Cream 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Player 1 use arrow keys to move the ice-cream and space to create or break ice blocks.

Player 2 use WASD to move the ice-cream and F to create or break ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream 2 - how to play

Control of Bad Ice Cream 2 Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

Look carefully for the enemy's abilities. If they can destroy ice blocks, you only have one way to eat fruits: accurate timing and proper movement.

Use interactive blocks to take advantage.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat the game?

  1. Observe the creatures and hazards on the map. Check their abilities and skills.
  2. Freeze the enemies and collect fruits.
  3. If you can't freeze the enemy, you have to timing accurately and move properly.
  4. If you really can't complete a level, watch our video walkthrough!

Bad Ice Cream 2 Walkthrough