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Bad Ice Cream


Welcome to Bad Ice Cream which is developed by Nitrome . This is a fun and exciting arcade online game. You will be an Ice Cream that knows how to move and your task is to eat all the fruits in the map. Of course, there will be dangerous enemies who want to melt you. There are forty levels with increasing difficulty waiting for you to conquer in this game! Try it now!

About game:

Bad Ice Cream by Nitrome brings you to an exciting 2D game world. This game with impressive 8bit graphics will surprise you from the moment you enter its world. Note that your most important task is to eat all the fruit to pass a level. But in each level there are always enemies and they have different skills. You must carefully observe the movements and skills of each enemy to find a way to overcome them. If you make a mistake, you will die and you will lose 1 life. You have 2 minutes to complete each level in Bad Ice Cream. When the time is over and you have not eaten all the fruits in the map, you will lose.

One of your unique skills is creating ice blocks. You can use this skill to create ice roads and block enemies. You can also break ice to run away from enemies in dangerous situations. Bad Ice Cream gives you 2 game modes: 1 Player and 2 Players (multiplayer). You can choose the color of your Ice cream before entering the level. And when you play in 2 Players mode, you will feel the game more fun! Trust me!

Nitrome created Bad Ice Cream as a great flash action video game on December 10, 2010. The game quickly became popular by its unique and fun gameplay along with its cute 8bit graphics. During forty different levels, you must collect all the fruits on the map while moving skilfully to dodge enemies. But remember that this game is not simple. Bad Ice Cream has big challenges for you. With some special fruits, they can move and it will not be easy to collect them.

In each level, you will see a fruit and after you collect them, a new fruit will appear. Collect all of them to complete the task. For example, in level 1, you have to face a troll and you need to collect 20 bananas plus 16 grapes. In level 2, you have to face 3 demons and you need to collect 7 bananas plus 10 watermelons. In level 3, you have to face 4 cows and you need to collect 26 bananas plus 24 grapes. In level 3, you will face 1 squid and you need to collect 22 bananas plus22 watermelons. At some special levels, you will have to defeat the bosses.

In each level, although your enemies are very crowded, they will move in certain directions. Therefore, you should observe to understand how they work to evade their attacks. Don't forget to use ice blocks (created with your breath) to protect yourself in critical situations. With a diverse enemy system, you will need their information:

- Green troll: they are green and they walk around the map. Note: they will change direction when touching a wall or ice block.

- Black & white cows: like the green troll, they love walking. But when touching a wall or ice block, they will change direction randomly.

- Orange squid: they have the ability to smash ice blocks on the map with the arrow on their heads. They will chase you and destroy the ice blocks you have created.

- Pot creature: This is a creature that looks like a potted plant. They have two forms. In the first six seconds, they move in a random direction at a slow pace. But in the next six seconds, they will find and chase you at a very fast pace.

- Log man: They like to go around the map in a random direction. But remember that if you are on the same line or a column with them, they can roll quickly towards you at tremendous speeds.

- Green squid: these squid can break ice and chase you. They move fast and they can break many ice blocks at once (within their attack range).

- Blue cows: These cows also like to walk and they will chase you. They run faster than Orange squid.

- Ducks: These ducks are very dangerous because they can fly over the ice blocks you created. They will follow you and you need a lot of effort to avoid them.

- Jumping ball tours: This is a creature that looks like three balls. They are very big and their size is two cells. They will jump around to chase you. Jumping ball tours are slow, but they can dig a hole to get under the ground and appear in another random position on the map.

- Blue squid: These squid will chase you (sure), and they can break a row or column of ice with just one shot.

- Yellow cows: It can be said that this is the fastest speed enemy in the game. They will chase you and they run faster than you. Sometimes, you can see Yellow cows jumping on ice blocks.

Besides a variety of enemy systems, you can interact with special objects on the map. Some objects will have good effects for you but the rest will cause bad effects:

- Hot tiles: they melt your ice blocks.

- Arrow tiles: they change the direction of the blocks you created.

- Campfires: very dangerous because they will melt you if you approach them.

- Invisible tiles: you can't go through these objects, but your enemies and fruits can.

As I said above, fruit is a cool feature of the game Bad Ice Cream and some fruits can move. Whether it's a movable fruit or a standing fruit, you still have to collect all of them to complete the level.

- Lemon, banana, watermelon, grapes, and oranges are fruits that cannot move.

- Kiwifruits can move. They walk around randomly at slow speeds.

- Strawberries can move but they are faster than Kiwifruits.

- Pineapple can move. They are faster than strawberries and they will escape you. In addition, Pineapple can fly through walls.

- Pears can move and they will escape you, it's hard to catch them.

- Cherries can use the teleport skill. They will appear in a random position on the map. The only way to catch cherries is to freeze them.

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked:

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How to play:     

  • Player 1 use arrow keys to move and space to create or break ice.
  • Player 2 use WASD to move and F to create or break ice.

Bad Ice Cream - how to play

Control of Bad Ice Cream Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • Play in 2 Players mode and try to kill your friend by creating ice to stop him (or her). It will be fun moment.
  • The bosses have their own skills and you have to watch them carefully to avoid their attacks.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How to beat the game?

Collect all the fruits on the map. However, new fruits will appear and you must collect them all again to complete the level. Usually each level will have two kinds of fruits. And remember to create ice roads with your breath to block enemies.

Bad Ice Cream Walkthrough