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About the game:

Babylon is a fabulous platform puzzle game. Your task is to arrange the stones in a logical order to reach the desired height and reach the finish line. There are many different types of stones made of materials such as stone, ice, cactus, magnet, metal ...

There will be some stones with special abilities such as destroying all other stones, or eat other rocks. So to achieve the desired height and reach the green finish line, you have to plant the rocks together in proper order. There are a lot of rounds for players to experience. Each playroom will have a different bike, and the background is also diverse. It could be a city, construction site, desert, or the Arctic.

The higher the level, the harder the challenge is. So you will have to skillfully build stone columns without being negatively impacted by elements such as traps, saw blades moving continuously ...

Babylon Unblocked:

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How to play:

You just need to use the mouse to adjust the position of the rock. The following mouse clicks to release the falling rock under the podium. Like that, you drop the Stones one after another, one after another until you reach the finish line. How easy it is!

Babylon - How to play

Control of Babylon

Tips and Tricks:

Please note the function of each of the different rock groups to arrange them appropriately. Remember that there will be destructive stones and useful stones, so be sure to thoroughly understand the power of each stone before placing them on the platform. Please practice a bit before playing this game so you can understand how the game works. When you know all, you will win more easily!

We can't deny that Babylon is really an excellent game. However, in addition to it, Snail Bob 8Snail Bob 7 and Fault line are also excellent names.