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At the Same Time

About game:

Welcome to at the same time, a cool puzzle and action video game which is developed by vimlark. This game will impress you by its fun and unique gameplay. Although the game uses 2D graphics (you will feel it is quite similar to Mario games), but you will be addicted right from the first playing time. In this game, you control a tiny red character. Your task is to collect the key and run to the exit door safely.

At level 1, you will find the game quite easy. All you have to do is move, jump, push the wooden boxes, collect the key and run to the exit door. However, when you enter the high levels, you will see that "now your game actually starts". The screen will be divided into two parts (left and right). Each side of the screen is a tiny red character. When you press any control button, both characters will move at the same time with the same direction. Two little red characters can collect keys at different times, but they must enter the exit doors at the same time to complete the level.

“at the same time" has eight levels. When you play at high levels, you will see that the maps at each screen are different. You must calculate correctly. You have to move reasonably. If you have any mistakes, you will not be able to complete the level. However, the game has no time pressure so you can be comfortable and think about ways to help the little red characters go into the exit doors at the same time. Have fun!

At The Same Time unblocked:

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How to Play:    

A or Left Arrow to Move left, D or Right Arrow to Move right, and W or Up Arrow to Jump.
R to Reset the Current Level (Timer continues when turned on), P to Pause, and M to Return to Menu (Ends timed runs).

At the Same Time - how to play

Control of At the Same Time

Tips and tricks:

  • If you have completed all 8 levels, you can turn on the Timer in the Menu to see how much time you have spent completing the game.
  • Sometimes you have to push the crates to the position needed to jump to the required location.

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