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Armor Mayhem

About game:

Armor Mayhem is a wonderful Platform, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Shooter video game. The game tells you a fictional story about the end of the Earth when humans have to search for a new source of life in the other planets. You will be starting the game at the point where a source of life is finally discovered, as you will take the role of a Hero from the Super Hero team.

With the duties on your shoulder, you will have to explore the game world on your own, as none of your teammates is able to help you. Armor Mayhem allows you to use an intensive gun to support your exploration. As you advance, you will face up multiple deadly obstacles, such as the deadly pinions, acid liquid, and many more. Are you confident that you can surpass all the eighteen missions of the game?

Armor Mayhem judges your performance on multiple elements, such as the Time, Achievements, etc. You can only experience the next mission after you have accomplished. The game allows you to change the switch between game modes before you actually enter one mission. You have to modify your performance to fit the game mode that you pick. Each mission in the game shows you the goal you need to reach. If you are ready to start your gameplay of Armor Mayhem, let’s kick off your Adventure now! Have fun!  

Armor Mayhem Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the W/S/A/D buttons to make your Hero move in the game world.

Armor Mayhem - how to play

Control of Armor Mayhem

Tips and tricks:

You should close the other programs while you are playing the game since the CPU of this video game is intensive.
You can skip the intro of the game since it does not affect your performance.

When mentioning the best flash games of all time, Armor Mayhem is the name that people think of most beside other prominent names like Gun MayhemCommando or Infinity Inc.

Armor Mayhem Walkthrough