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Armed With Wings 3

About this game:

Armed with wings 3 by Sun Studios is a platform – fighting game with two main colors: black and white. The story is about the war between you, darkness monsters and boss. You have to fight against those monsters in order to save your mother, and even your village.

Each of your hit at enemies will be counted as exp, you can use exp to level up your own stats such as health, damage, special ability’s damage, and speed. After rounds, you will be able to unlock more weapons (swords only) and more ability – those can increase your attack style and power.

The game will be harder in your progress, so you will become more fluent in control your own power. After many scenes, you will create your own “story”, and be the Hero like the one in the fairytale that everyone knows about. The partner with you in this game is a dark eagle, which can be very useful in many difficult situations.

How to play:

To play, you need to use arrow keys to move and jump. A, S, D, W keys will be used in different ways. Press A to use hand combat, W to use your partner, S to use sword skill, and D to use special ability.

Armed With Wings 3 - How to play

Control of Armed With Wings 3

Tips and Tricks:

Hand combat can keep your enemies at one spot, and sword attack will push them back, but each time you attack them, you will slightly move forward – which means the chance you will be hit by them will increase. So hit-and-run technique can be used best in this situation, or you can use hand combat together with the sword skill.

When you use the eagle, all functions in keys A, W, S will change. You can jump on it to move higher. Be careful to use your keyboard, or you will be out of the map because of bugs.

Armed with wings 3 Unblocked:

As you can easily find, this game Armed with wings 3 Unblocked can be found and play for free on our website In here, you can have a new experience of non-lagging games that you have never seen before. Have fun!