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All That Matters

About game:

All That Matters opens up with a story about a man being lost in his own family. The pilot of this Platform and Puzzle video game seems like a lot deeper than the mindless video games you have played before. From the beginning of the game, we can hear the sad piano sound, which tells us something emotional is going to take over the 28 levels of the game.

In the gameplay of All That Matters, you will take the role of each member of the protagonist’s family, from the sad father to the baby. The point of this video game is helping the entire family reunion, as nothing ever happened. To complete the game’s quest, you will have to solve multiple levels that including unbelievable Puzzles. Each level of All That Matters requires you to earn all the hearts involved and get to the magic doors without being killed by obstacles such as Fire, Thorn, and more.

The game is quite a friendly video game for any family since not only the kids can play this game; they can also ask their parents to come and play it with them. The characters in the game can roll, jump, and make incredible sounds. You will love to finish all 28 levels of All That Matters as this game allows you to fail as many times as you like. After each time you fail to meet the success in All That Matters, you will learn yourself some lessons. Have fun with All That Matters now!

All That Matters Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the W/A/D/S buttons or the arrow keys to control the family members.

All That Matters - how to play

All That Matters control

Tips and tricks:

Try to read through the instruction at each level before you start.
If you don’t collect all the hearts in every level, you may not be able to unlock the bonus levels.

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All That Matters Walkthrough