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Age Of Wonder

About game:

In Age of Wonder, you take the role of the protagonist whose name is Eratosthenes. As Eratosthenes has been appointed the third chief librarian of the vast library of Alexandria, he has to help the people of Egypt learn the wonders contained within the library’s scrolls. Age of Wonder introduces to you a great Adventure which you can take part in. However, your journey throughout this video game will not be as easy as a piece of cake because you will face many challenges along the way. The final quest of the game is setting forth a new Age of Wonder, but before you are able to do so, you have to overcome all the challenges you have to face.

In the form of a Shooter, Adventure, Ancient and Knowledge video game, Age of Wonder gives excellent shots to your gaming experience. While you are exploring the game world of Age of Wonder, you will get to see your targets, the people of Egypt that needs to be educated about the wonders. As you are the one who is in charge of spreading the knowledge, you will shoot the library scrolls to your targets.

Each time when you have done with one target, you will score. You aren’t able to move in each level of Age of Wonder, as the game wants you to stand still at one place and show off your shooting skills. The game delivers a great sense of humour, as the characters are funny. You will get to love Age of Wonder soon!

Age of Wonder Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to progress and shoot.

Age Of Wonder - how to play

Age Of Wonder control

Tips and tricks:

  • The perfect shot is made with the combination of perfect strength and a good angle.
  • You need to get to practice first, then conquer the challenges of the game later.