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Adventure Island


Welcome to Adventure Island which is developed by Sandeep M. This is anexciting fast-paced arcade and platform video game. With this game, you will have the opportunity to control the cute monkey named Bobo. Bobo lives on a beautiful small island. Bobo loves bananas and he need gold coins to buy bananas. Bobo will automatically move, and you just need to use the left mouse button to help him jump. There are many levels with difficult challenges waiting for Bobo in this game. Please help him complete all missions. Are you ready?

About game:

Adventure Island brings you an awesome world with beautiful graphics, cool music, and impressive effects. Monkey Bobo will run continuously, and you can enjoy nice pictures on the island while using the left mouse button to jump and dodge dangerous obstacles. Bobo monkey is not alone. Because this is an uninhabited island, you will encounter many other characters, such as baboons and special plants. Note that some creatures will be your enemies.

The island has many different areas and each area is a level. To complete a level, you must pass all its given missions. Along the way, you will see lots of gold coins and you can collect them to buy new outfits for Bobo. When you enter a level, at the top of the game screen are points and coins that you collected. After completing a level, you can reach up to 3 stars, depending on the score you have. Note that you can try to grab diamonds, destroy wooden crates, or take down enemies to earn extra points. In case you have completed a level, but you are not satisfied with the result, you can play it again.

Adventure Island has 20 different levels and each area has 3 stars. Of course, each level will have interesting missions waiting for you to conquer. For example, at level 2, your task is to collect all 1000 coins. Bobo will run continuously until you die or until you finish the missions. I have played this game many times and my best performance is 35 stars through 25levels. I hope that you will not beat my record lol.

Each level will have different terrain and they are very dangerous. When you fall into the abyss, you will die. You can jump on walls to collect diamonds and coins, you can jump to kill enemies, but the most important thing you must remember is the timing. You can't control the speed of Bobo so you can only control when you want to jump or when you want to perform an action.

Dangerous terrain with abyss is the first enemy you must overcome. Along the way, you will meet the baboons as your second enemy. You can dodge them but if you want to earn a bit more gold coins, jump to their heads. If you die, don't worry too much because you can use bananas to continue running. However, as I said, you'll need gold coins to buy bananas.

Treasure chest is a surprise gift for you. Even I myself don't know what this chest will bring to you! To open this chest, you need to wait for 3 hours. I also know some other great ways to earn coins, which is Watching the Ad Video to receive 1000 coins or Login with your Facebook account to receive 1000 coins. You will need the 2000 coins to buy a banana.

Wait a minute! Have I told you about the fashion system in Adventure Island? In the Shop, you can buy some interesting items to change Bobo's monkey appearance. You can buy Viking Helmet with 1000 coins, Dreadlocks with 3000 coins, Baseball Cap with 2000 coins, Sunglasses with 4000 coins, Pirate Bandana with 5000 coins, VooDoo Mask with 6000 coins, CowBoy Hat with 7000 coins , BamBoo Hat with 8000 coins, or Captain Monkey Mask with 2000 coins. Besides, the game challenges you to complete some hidden missions to unlock the Knight Helmet, Pirate Hat, Cylinder Hat, Paper Mask, Witch Hat, and Ninja Mask. These items cannot be purchased with coins!There is no information about the conditions for unlocking these special items and you have to discover them by yourself.

One of my favorite features in this game is the power-ups system. Once again, the power of gold coins is confirmed! You will need gold coins to buy these cool power-ups. Double Coins: 300 coins, Magnet: 150 coins, Shield: 600 coins. In case you want to collect all coins in difficult locations, or you need to collect many coins to complete the level missions, buy Magnet and Double Coins. For levels that have complex terrain and too many enemies, you can buy Shield to get an advantage.

Adventure Island Unblocked is a good and fun online video game. It really can help you relieve stress after a long and tiring day. This game for PC has attracted many gamers worldwide. The game has no elements of violence and bloody scenes, so it is suitable for everyone. You can play this game along with your kids on the weekends.In case you cannot pass a level of the island, watch the video walkthrough.

The game uses 3D graphics but its details are simple. You won't feel uncomfortable playing Adventure Island Unblocked for a long time. Your monkey can't do double jump or triple jump, but you still have other great skills to use when needed (read Tips and Tricks).Have a good day!

Adventure Island Unblocked:

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How to play:

Click the left mouse button or press the space bar to make a jump and avoid the obstacles along the way.

Adventure Island - how to play

Control of Adventure Island Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • There are some great tips in the loading screen, don’t miss them because they are very useful.
  • In jumping, hold the jump key to jump higher.
  • Do you know that you can glide in the air slowly? Use this special skill to get all the coins.
  • Still have a special and powerful skill for you. Do you want to know? Just swipe down in the air and you will have a deadly super powerful drop!
  • Your main goal is to complete the missions in each level, not collecting lots of coins.
  • You should buy bananas to use when you die, and you still want to keep running. I also recommend buying power-ups as soon as possible because they are quite cheap. But you can also collect power-ups on the go. They will appear randomly, and you can get them.

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