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Acid Bunny

About the Game:

Acid Bunny is a platform game that compatible with all modern web browsers because this game uses the Flash technology. The main character in this game is a very cute little called Bunny. Our Bunny is on the journey to find needles and thread (they are shown in the form of spools) to revive Mr. Bear who was just lost his head by accident.

In Acid Bunny, the player will control the white rabbit to collect 24 spools in total. In order to achieve that, you will have to defeat enemies along the way and avoid traps at all cost. There are 02 ways that you could take them down, either throw carrots at them or jump onto their heads and watch them explode! Your enemies in this game will be other rabbits with different colors, sometimes they look crazy or even got drunks. Let’s play Acid Bunny now!

Acid Bunny Unblocked:

With, there is nothing can stop you from playing your favorite Acid Bunny Unblocked game, even from school or in the office! Have fun!

How to play:     

  • Move your Bunny using Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow keys.
  • Hit the Up-arrow key once to Jump, hit it twice for Double Jump.
  • Throw carrot by hitting the A key.
  • To jump out of the current vehicle, press the S key.

Acid Bunny - How to play

Control of Acid Bunny

Tips and tricks:

  • Hit the enemies using the Vehicle will save you some carrots and efforts.
  • There are hidden pathways everywhere, so make sure you take your time to explore each level carefully.

Acid Bunny is a recommended game by Hudgames editors along with Adventure IslandOnce Upon A Coma and

Acid Bunny Walkthrough