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Achievement Unlocked 3

About game:

Achievement Unlocked 3 is an engrossing puzzle game programmed by jmtb02. Also, the lovely graphics is by Jimp. In this game, you will be working for a giant King Hamster. He is starving, so you need to go out and forage for food. There is a pellet vending machine, just outside this room. Make your way to the machine, try to avoid the numerous obstacles on your path. Remember to come back to your great King when you have got some pellets. You will receive a gift if you bring back enough pellets for the hungry King!

Your enormous King Hamster has created a reward system, just for you.  Some of 400 targets are quite easy to conquer, but some will require a really skillful player. Let's get them all and prove that you are not just an ordinary food collector!

Do you want to achieve some more? Go and play the prequels of this game, Achievement Unlocked 1 and 2! Have fun conquering all quests!

Achievement Unlocked 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use WASD to control the elephant.

Achievement Unlocked 3 - How to play

Control of Achievement Unlocked 3

Tips and tricks:

Whenever you're stuck, click the Panic icon for a restart.

Check the In Progress list and finish those missions first!

Thousands of gamers on Hudgames have voted for Achievement Unlocked 3 to be one of the most addictive game. Two other names that are also adored include Achievement Unlocked 2 and Exit Path.

Achievement Unlocked 3 Walkthrough