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Achievement Unlocked


Welcome to Achievement Unlocked which is developed by John and published by Microwave Games. This is one of the most interesting arcade and puzzle platform video games. Like its name, your mission is to unlock as many achievements as you can. In this game, you control a little blue elephant. You appear in a room with lots of objects like spikes, wheels, holes ... You can do whatever you want in this game. Try to discover all achievements in the game!

About Achievement Unlocked:

Achievement Unlocked Unblocked has a total of 99 different achievements but you will not have any information about them. All you can do is move a true blue elephant, explore every cell in the map, and find ways to unlock achievements. There will not be any enemies or new maps in this game. You will have to jump up all the blocks you see, walk on safe roads, and even die in different ways to unlock an achievement. You will realize that every time you do something, achievements will be unlocked. Sometimes, achievements will come to you randomly.

Are you thinking of a complete guide to all achievements? There won't be any specific instructions for you (although I know a link that contains this information, I'll probably reveal it below). Every time you unlock an achievement, the game progress will increase. First, I think you should control the blue elephant and jump on deadly traps to commit suicide. When you unlock an achievement, information about that achievement will be displayed on the game screen. Pay attention to this information to get speculations for the next achievements. I have some suggestions for you: walk on a road, jump on a fixed block, jump on spikes, survive for 60 seconds, and click on a link.

Your little elephant can move freely wherever you want. In the main window, you will perform the elephant's actions. In the secondary window, you'll see the achievements you've unlocked and their information. When the progress of the system reaches 100%, you complete this puzzle video game. I have played this game many times and I was surprised by unlocking some unintended achievements. Don't worry every time you intend to commit suicide because your elephant will respawn at the center of the screen, always the same. And suicide does not reduce the progress of the game.

There are many map objects like blowers, purple blocks, spikes ... I think you should check them all to unlock the achievements. The game is really not as difficult as you think. However, to unlock all achievements is not easy. With simple 8bit graphics and unique gameplay, Achievement Unlocked has become popular with many gamers around the world. For me, this game is a new wind because it is very interesting. The gameplay is not complicated. It helps me feel comfortable and relieve stress after a long day of fatigue.

Although there are too many achievements being hidden in each cell of the game screen, I still try to find all of them. The elephant image is also very cute and it is close to everyone. The elephant can commit suicide, but the image is very cute (the elephant is overturned) and it has no violent elements. So you can absolutely invite your children and play this game to see who will unlock the most achievements. It would be great if you could play this game with your friends or relatives. When you unlock a complicated achievement, share it with the people around you.

Achievement Unlocked Unblocked is great and easy to experience! As I said above, I will share a link full of information about game achievements. But first, I want to share the first and easiest 10 achievements in this game:

  • Achievement 0: don't move your elephant, don't move anything.
  • Achievement 1: Jump to the left. Control the elephant and go to the left of the game screen.
  • Achievement 2: Move your blue elephant to the right and you will unlock an achievement.
  • Achievement 3: Jump up. Jump anywhere you want. Just jump and you can conquer this achievement. It's quite funny for an achievement!
  • Achievement 4: An achievement of suicide. Control your elephant and jump into a spike on the game screen.
  • Achievement 5: Do you see orange lift pads on the screen? Use it to move up!
  • Achievement 6: Do you see the left wall on the screen? Try to hit it and when its color changes from dark to light purple, you've unlocked this achievement.
  • Achievement 7: Do you see the right wall on the screen? Try to hit it and when its color changesfrom dark to light purple, you've unlocked this achievement.
  • Achievements 8: Let's dance and hit the ceiling. When you see the color change from dark to light purple, you complete the task. This is also an easy achievement.
  • Achievements 9: At the bottom of the screen is a safe path. Jump down and walk on it to unlock this achievement.

And achievements from 90 to 99 are the percentage of progress bars you have completed.

If you can't find a new achievement, take a look at the video walkthrough of this game.

Lastly, you can find more information about all achievements at this link.

Good luck and have fun!

Achievement Unlocked Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move your blue elephant!

Achievement Unlocked - how to play

Control of Achievement Unlocked Unblocked

Tips and tricks:

  • You should open the sound when playing this game because its sound effect is very impressive.
  • Read information about achievements you have conquered to guess hidden achievements.
  • When you die, you will respawn at the center of the screen. Suicide is also a great way to unlock achievements. Suicide in many different positions!
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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you change into the colors?

  • Num 1 = true blue.
  • Num 2 = pink.
  • Num 3 = orange.
  • Num 4 = sealthy black.

How to beat?

Try to unlock all achievements and you will complete the game.

How to get graveyard?

You must receive 7 corpses on the screen at the same time. You just need to touch the moving sharp object and the spikes below. Change and repeat for a while until you are fast enough to get 7 corpses on the screen.

How to turn elephant blue?

Press num 1 to turn blue.

How to get the achievement “Too Much Contra "?

Click "Play" to play the game. Input the Konami Code via your keyboard. This code is "up – up – down – down – left – right – left – right - B, and A."

Achievement Unlocked Walkthrough