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About the game:

Absorbed is an interesting physics game for you, where you can freely create your playing style. You will enjoy playing this game. Because the game has unique and attractive gameplay, great graphics and a great soundtrack, which makes you feel excited when playing this game.

In this game, you control a man, who is sucked into the big portal. Your mission is to find a way out of that place. At the beginning of the game, you will be given an Absorption Cannon by a scientist. You will use a cannon to absorb wooden crates and stones to help you move more easily and kill monsters.

Obstacles are not easy to overcome, which are high walls, rocks, thorns, rays, etc. The monsters very fierce, which will attack you when they see you. So, be careful. Also, you will not die in this game. However, if you die 3 times, you will not get 3 stars for that round game. The stars will help you get enough stars to escape.

Absorbed Unblocked:

You can play Absorbed Unblocked completely free at With this website, you can play this game even in the office or at school. There are many Unblocked games for you to explore here too!

How to play:

  • Press W, A and D or arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Use X or K to absorb/shoot.

Absorbed - how to play

Control of Absorbed

Tips and tricks:

  • When shooting TNT barrels, stand away from them to shoot.
  • Use a silver stone to override the sensors.

Absorbed Walkthrough