Platform Puzzle Games has similar gameplay with Platform games but it focuses more on solving puzzles, quizzes, and problems without being involved with violence factors. It will require the player to use their skills including logic, vocabulary, solving patterns/ sequences, etc.

Why Platform Puzzle Games are so attractive?

Platform Puzzle Games is a very large genre with many great video game titles such as Cargo Bridge, Bad Ice Cream, Red Ball, etc. They make use of colors, physics effects, rules, even words and numbers to challenge the players. Alongside with that, the timer is one of the most important factors that create a pressure environment while the players solving a particular puzzle.

Nowadays, Platform Puzzle Games are pretty easy to develop thanks to Flash technology. Also, they could be developed for other platforms such as console, mobile devices, and arcade. There are many good flash games that you must definitely try out, for example, Snail Bob, Money Movers, Pretentious, etc. and they are totally free-to-play. Most of Platform Puzzle Games these days are suitable for all ages, especially for children who just getting started with the computer, they will help kids to develop their mind, flexibility and also problem-solving skills.

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