Adventure game in hudgames is a video game genre in which the player is assumed to be the main character in an interactive story that evolves in the direction of discovering and overcoming challenges. This genre game focuses on story building, almost all adventure games designed for one player, because they emphasize the context and development of chara

Adventure is a very interesting game genre (probably the best for some people), often used for role-playing games. Perhaps everyone has played through at least one classic adventure game with a puzzle or exploring world. Usually, adventure games are only for PCs or consoles, they are rarely available on mobile games because the amount of time to complete a game is usually quite long. However, that does not mean there are no good adventure games, or you can’t create a great adventure game for yourself.

In order to have a truly compelling adventure game, developers focus a lot on elements like graphics, sound, and gameplay but actually they often miss the very important elements of an adventure game. These factors are what make your players feel attractive as well as a great feeling after completing the game. These factors are: Story, discovery, and puzzles require brainstorming.

About Story

The story in an adventure game can be complicated, but to be honest, it doesn't need to be complicated. The whole story can be as simple as: you are in the mysterious castle of the Witcher, you will be the pathfinder and your mission to find and destroy the witch.  

The important part of the story in the adventure game is that it must be complete to provide the context for gameplay. This is true for all games, but in the case of adventure games, the story will boost gameplay more than any other game. Adventure game always starts with a story. And the kind of story that works best with adventure games is something that involves mystery and problem solving and to do that the player needs: Discovery.

About Discovery

In an adventure game, you want the player to discover the mysteries in the game. For example, players can explore the mystery behind the story, finding that information will help players understand the nature of a certain character or discover somewhere like the island treasure, escape the danger.