Game action in hudgames is the platform game with action elements. In this game genre, you will play the character - who will solve all problems with "fists", sometimes guns, swords, scythes, legs and anything that can use as weapons.

Action games can be considered as the largest, the best and most basic electronic/PC game genre in all game genres. It includes all the games related to action sequences, contains many elements of violence, chasing, shooting, punching, enhancing the character's fighting ability in a large area such as: a city, field, desert and in different contexts such as war, pandemic. In an action game, there are few puzzle elements, strategic thinking and decoding of complex messages.

The most popular action game genre is Role - Playing Game. The common play of this genre is that players will create their own characters. Players can create, customize and control characters from appearance, skin color, gender (boy or girl) to equipping skills, skills to fight rival in the game. After selecting the character, you will start participating in the adventure in the game. Popular weapons in action games are guns, grenades, bow and arrow, swords and characters.

Popular activities in this series include levelling, collecting items, training skills, teaming up with many other characters to fight and more. The ability to quickly reflect and a clever combination between hands, eyes and ears is the key to winning in this game genre. Therefore, sometimes young gamers are easy to get used to action games while experienced older people often do not play well.

Action games include a variety of genres, such as FPS (Frames – per – second) games, survival games, fighting games (2-player fighting games) and often have an interaction with RPG (Role - Playing Game) games. You can play both online and offline. Action games often have hostility between factions and character lines, and there will be characters who are hurt or killed. Sports games such as football, badminton, billiards are not considered action games. Some racing games have violent elements like pinching, enemy shooting with missiles that can be classified into action games.

Action game genre attracts players by impressive graphics, content according to the attractive storyline. When participating in action games, they can make their own decisions. Not to follow the route that the game has set for the player. Therefore, they will be more active in the game and they can play in their own way. This genre seems to give players an amazing fantasy world and allow them to live in it.

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