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You Only Live Once

About You Only Live Once:

Created by Marcus Richert, the You only live once video game is an exciting 2D Platform game that was developed in Flash technology, compatible with all modern browsers, but it is recommended that players should play with FireFox for the best experience. This game supports 24 in-game languages and 2 types of the audio track (English & Japanese).

The gameplay of this game is pretty alike with the Mario game, all you need to do is to control your character to jump over obstacles and holes, kill your enemies by stepping on them.

In the You only live once game, your girlfriend will be kidnapped by a giant Pink Lizard while you were at home cooking for dinner. The Lizard slipped an anonymous letter under your door with the location to the giant castle where you could find her. The special thing about this game is, your character’s life just as in real life, you only have one life to save her. If you died, there will be no option to “Continue” or “Try again”. After you died, there will be an interesting ending waiting for you to enjoy, and you will see your own grave surrounding with candles and flowers, just like a typical funeral in real life!

You only live once Unblocked:

There is an unblocked version of You only live once that could be found on With this great unblocked version, players could play this game even at school, office or any other places with the Internet connection available. also contains many more unblocked titles for you to explore later. Give it a try!

You only live once is one of the most adored games on Besides that Raze, You have to burn the rope and Color rush are also prominent names that voted by thousands of gamers from all around the world.

How to play:

Move your character with A/D keys or Left/Right arrow keys.

To Jump, hit the W key or Up arrow key.

You Only Live Once - How to play

Control of You Only Live Once

Tips and tricks:

The game will not allow you to play again, but you could clear the flash history from your browser to trick it.

When you’re dead, keep on refreshing your browser multiple times with the F5 key, you could bring Jemaine back from the grave!

You Only Live Once Walkthrough