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Treasure Hunter

About game:

Developed by Joao Marques, Treasure Hunter is a Platform, Adventure and Classic video game. The game has a set of 28 different levels and you have to conquer each level in order, start from level 1. In the world of Treasure Hunter, you take the role of a male protagonist, who must collect all the coins spread over dark cellars to unlock boxes of treasure.

After you get the box of treasure at one level, that level is automatically accomplished. At the first two levels of Treasure Hunter, the game seems a bit too easy. As you progress, more elements are brought in each level to make the game become more challenging. The hardest part of Treasure Hunter is controlling your reflex while you are playing the game. Treasure Hunter only allows its player to use one control figure to perform all the actions in the game including running and jumping. You will find it hard to manage to change your action at the right time. However, you will soon get used to how the game works after you fail a level for more than twice.

Treasure Hunter owns wonderful gameplay with very smooth controls. You may notice that the game was made with classical graphics with bit designs and vintage characteristics. Are you ready to conquer all 28 levels of Treasure Hunter? Let’s get started!

Treasure Hunter Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse/ space bar to run and jump. Change the action as the situation requires.

Treasure Hunter - How to play

Control of Treasure Hunter

Tips and tricks:

If you make one mistake, your progress in one level is deleted and you will have to start from the beginning of that level.
The perfect level for practising is level three. You can replay this level if you want to train your reflex.

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