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About this game:

Avalanche is a platform – sports – adventure – Christmas-themed video game made by Jon Annal as the designer, Aaron Steed as the programmer, and the music is created by Dave Cowen. In the game, you will be a cute little penguin – who goes skiing in the snowy mountain – and then an avalanche happened.

You have to control your character well, avoid barriers such as rocks, trees, or even go the wrong way and fall. There are many slopes – up and down – which can help you to gain speed or slow you down. On the way, there are also some points in the shape of fishes, once you collect them, your total score will gain.

In the right bottom corner of the game, you can see a mini-map, which can show you the way ahead and the distance between you and the avalanche. The game consists of 15 levels, and the survival mode – which map is a repeatedly level, the longer you last, the more skillful you are.

Avalanche Unblocked:

It comes as no surprise that you can search for the game Avalanche Unblocked online through our website –, and play it for free. On our site, you will no longer have to see ads before you play and that is one of the greatest advantages we offer.

How to play:

This game is one of those 3-keys games. You just need to use arrows to control your character – right arrow to move forward, up arrow to jump (you can hold this key to jump higher) and left arrow to slow down.

Avalanche - How to play

Control of Avalanche

Tips and Tricks:

  • Each time you touch an object on the way, you will be slowed down, and it will take a considerable long time to gain speed. “Fish” points often appear at the top of each slope, try to gain your speed and jump at the right time to have better score by looking at the mini-map.
  • Sometimes you will be unable to control your penguin, especially after you had finished or failed in one level. Try to left-click your mouse on the game’s screen, it will help.

Avalanche has become the classic game on Hudgames along with ZombotronVisible and Bango. All of them are strongly recommended by the editors.